Early Bibles in print, part 2

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British Library

The New Testament, translated by William Tyndale
The text of the Worms edition of 1526 in original spelling.
Edited for the Tyndale Society by W. R. Cooper.
ISBN -7123-4664-3. 15.00
Enquiries to Catherine Britton at British Library Publications,
tel. +44 (0) 20 7412 7535.

L.I.Brown Publishing

PO Box 742
Ozark, MO 65721 USA
Email: brownpub@gte.net
Web site: globalcorp.com/geneva-bible

Geneva Bible 1599
Leatherette hard-cover: $99.00; leather cover: $195.00;
leather Rembrandt cover, strap, hand bound: $300.00
The Historical catalogue of printed editions of the English Bible, 1525-1961 lists eight different editions of the ‘1599’ Geneva Bible, and comments, ‘The phenomena of the various editions described under the year 1599, and the very similar edition of 1633, constitute one of the most curious problems in the bibliography of the English Bible.’ Lani Brown has written that they have reprinted DMH 248, which is described as ‘probably the earliest of these editions, as it abounds more than any other in gross errors’. I have compared Exodus 20:6-25, reprinted in the publisher's brochure, and sample sheets, containing Numbers 29:12-31:32 and 1 Chronicles 10:3-12:16, of the 1599 reprint with the Wisconsin reprint with the first edition of the Geneva Bible. Apart from spellings, sometimes ‘modernised’, sometimes ‘antiqued’, and the expansion of abbreviations, I have found the following differences between 1560/1599:
Ex. 20:7 giltles guiltness
Num. 30:11 streictly straitly
1 Chron. 11:20 Abshai Abishai
1 Chron. 12:12 Iohan Iohanan
So in this small sample 1599 shows one obvious error, one variant, and two corrections of misprints.

Greyden Press

2020 Builders Square
Columbus, OH 43204 USA
Email: jennifer@greydenpress.com
Web site: www.greydenpress.com

The first printed English New Testament, translated by William Tyndale
photo-lithographed from the unique fragment now in the Grenville Collection, British Museum. Edited by Edward Arber. 1871. ISBN 1-57074-441-6, $40.00 (soft cover).
A facsimile of the Cologne fragment (1525)
containing Matthew 1-22:12
The Newe Testament yet once agayne corrected by William Tyndale... 1536
ISBN 1-58329-003-6. $200.00 (leather).
William Tyndale's Five Books of Moses, called the Pentateuch
being a verbatim reprint of the edition of M.CCCC.XXX.
Compared with Tyndale's Genesis of 1534... By J. I. Mombert. 1884. ISBN 1-57074-449-1. $100.00
The Holy Bible... 1611
ISBN 1-57074-389-4. $250.00 (leather).
The text size of the original is given in DMH as 14" 8.9" (357 225 mm). As the trim size of this reprint is given as 8 3/8" 10 3/4", it must be a reduction.
The Bible and Holy Scriptures...
[Geneva Bible 1560]
ISBN 1-58329-000-1. $200.00 (leather); with original leaf, $250.00.
A sample page show a slight enlargement.
The English Hexapla... 1841
ISBN 1-57074-453-X. $250.00 (leather).
This Bagster publication reprints the New Testament from Wiclif (1380), Tyndale (1534), Cranmer (Great Bible, 1539), Geneva (1557), Rheims (1582) and Authorised version (1611) across two pages beneath Scholz's edition of the Greek text. (A handout describes Greyden Press publications as ‘digital replications’.)

Sawyer Books

Box 145
Montesana, WA 98520 USA
Email: sawyerbooks@olynet.com
John Sawyer has published three New Testaments in his Martyrs Bible series, of which Volumes 2 and 3 are in print. They are:
Tindale's triumph: John Rogers' monument: the Newe Testament of the Matthew's Bible 1537 A.D.

Geneva's gem: the Newe Testament, printed in Geneva in 1557 A.D.: a revision by William Whittingham

The first is available in both paperback and hardback, the second in hardback only. The paperback costs $10.00, and the hardbacks $20.00. Airmail post and packing to the UK is $5.00.

Mr. Sawyer writes, ‘Vol. 1, The New Testament by William Tyndale, was in paperback only and is sold out. We may be reprinting it sometime soon.’ This is the 1526 edition.

These are modern spelling and punctuation editions. They are text-only reprints; i.e. without arguments, notes, etc., but ‘Tindale's triumph’ reprints from the 1534 ‘William Tyndale, yet once more to the Christian reader’. There are occasional disagreements with Daniell (below).

Yale University Press

Tyndale's Old Testament, being the Pentateuch of 1530, Joshua to Chronicles of 1537, and Jonah...
In a modern spelling edition and with an introduction by David Daniell. ISBN 0-300-05211-1. 30.00. Amazon.com
The parts of the Old Testament published by Tyndale plus the Historical Books from Matthew's Bible in a sumptuous edition.
Tyndale's New Testament
Translated from the Greek by William Tyndale in 1534. In a modern spelling edition and with an introduction by David Daniell.
ISBN 0-300-04419-4. 25.00 (hardback). Amazon.com;
ISBN 0-300-06580-9 10.95 (paperback). Amazon.com

[For part one of this series, see Part One]

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