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William Tyndale statue in BristolWilliam Tyndale

Forbidden to work in England, Tyndale translated and printed in English the New Testament and half the Old Testament between 1525 and 1535 in Germany and the Low Countries. He worked from the Greek and Hebrew original texts when knowledge of those languages in England was rare. His pocket-sized Bible translations were smuggled into England, and then ruthlessly sought out by the Church, confiscated and destroyed. Condemned as a heretic, Tyndale was strangled and burned outside Brussels in 1536.

Photo: Statue of William Tyndale by Lawrence Holofcener (2000), Millennium Square, Bristol, United Kingdom.
© Brian Buxton.

Tyndale's English translation of the New Testament was taken almost word for word into the much praised Authorised Version (King James Bible) of 1611, which also reproduces a great deal of his Old Testament. From there his words passed into our common understanding.

People across the world honour him as a great Englishman. His solitary courage, and his skill with languages - including, supremely, his own - enriched English history and then reached out to affect all English-speaking nations.

His influence has been as wide as Shakespeare's. His phrases are so well-known that they are often thought to be proverbial - 'let there be light', 'we live and move and have our being', 'fight the good fight', 'the signs of the times', 'the powers that be', 'a law unto themselves', and hundreds more. The familiar words telling the great Bible stories are usually Tyndale's.

Elsewhere on this website you will find more information about his life and his works, together with some recommended Resources for further study.

Aims of the Tyndale Society

The aims of the Society are to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the importance of the contribution made by Tyndale to the English Reformation by his Biblical translations and theological writings, and to encourage relevant research and study.

Membership of the Society is international and we warmly encourage anyone interested in its aims to join. The Society is in no way a credal body and all are welcome into membership regardless of their personal religion or other philosophy of life. Lower down this page is information on membership and applying to become a member.

A Brief History of the Society

The Tyndale Society was inaugurated in 1995. It followed on from the activities organised the previous year by the William Tyndale Quincentenary Trust. The founder chairman, holding office until 2005, was Professor David Daniell, author of the major modern biography of Tyndale and editor of editions of several of his works.

The Society pursues these purposes primarily through publications and events. There are two regular publications. The Tyndale Society Journal, issued twice a year, includes several in depth articles by members and others, as well as book reviews, notices, reports of events, and other Society matters. From 2014 Reformation is issued twice a year and is an academic journal with a range of articles by scholars specialising in Reformation issues.

International conferences have been held in several centres, including Tyndale's place of education, Hertford College, Oxford, where it is intended to mark the Society's twentieth anniversary in 2015. Major conferences have also been held in Antwerp and Geneva. More localised events, both residential conferences and study days, have been organised in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America.

In England it has been customary to hold an annual carol service in the church of St. Mary Abchurch, in the city of London, with singing led by the English Chamber Choir and readings from Tyndale's translations.

Tyndale famously said that he wanted "the boy that driveth the plough" to have the Scripture. At an early stage the society appointed a Ploughboy Convenor to co-ordinate the taking of the story of Tyndale into a variety of groups through talks, audio-visual presentations etc.

More recently a Fellowship of Tyndale Theologians was inaugurated by the Reverend Dr. Ralph Werrell through which those engaged in studying aspects of Tyndale's theology could make contact with others researching similar areas and could identify topics to which attention could usefully be given. Dr. Werrell himself has published The Theology of William Tyndale (2006) and The Roots of Tyndale's Theology (2013). He is currently working on a third book, The Blood of Christ in the Theology of William Tyndale.


All members receive:
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    sometimes including visits to sites not generally open to the public.
  • 25% discount if wishing to advertise in The Tyndale Society Journal.

Subscriptions (as at 2014)

UK annual subscription: £22-50
USA annual subscription: (USD)$45

In addition members can receive Reformation twice a year at a significantly discounted price: —
   UK annual subscription to include Reformation £45.00
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Applying for Membership

To subscribe EITHER print off (see below) and complete the UK Membership Application Form or the USA Membership Application Form and forward this, with payment where applicable, to the appropriate membership secretary OR request a PayPal invoice from .

Membership forms (in PDF format) can be downloaded by using the appropriate link below (use a right-click if you wish to save the form to disc).
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Membership Queries

If you have a query about membership of the Society, details for the relevant person to contact can be found on the Contacts page.

Tyndale Society Bulletin

Patrick Whitten is producing occasional bulletins to keep in touch with members of the Society. The December 2014 issue is now available for viewing on the Bulletin page of this website.

Tyndale Society Events

Forthcoming Events, to which non-members are welcome, include the following:

Thursday 21st May 2015, 11.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Reading the Past & Conserving the Future

At the City of London Guildhall Library mark the 500th anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of William Tyndale by viewing the entry of this event in the register of Bishop Richard FitzJames. In addition, inspect several other manuscripts reflecting the progress of the Reformation in London, including a contemporary comment on the death of Thomas Wolsey. Learn about Roger Tyndale, a possible relation of William, but interesting in his own right as a follower of the new religion in the time of Elizabeth. Then visit the British Library to learn more about its role in conserving our written heritage.

Members £10. Non-Members £12. Members will automatically receive full details. Non-members are very welcome and can request full information and booking form by emailing Brian Buxton.

2015 - 1st to 4th October

9th International Tyndale Conference - Oxford 2015 at Hertford College, Oxford.

This Conference is for all those interested in William Tyndale - his writings, his translations and his influence on the European Reformation. Tyndale is best known as a brilliant Bible translator, working from the original Greek and Hebrew to a printed version in modern English. But the conference will examine every aspect of Tyndale's views on education, culture and theology. His 'independent' writings - his prologues, introductions, glosses, comments and polemical works - emphasise how he felt that people genuinely interested in the Word of God were kept away from it by the Church. In his Obedience he was critical of those who considered themselves custodians of the Scriptures. The conference will cover the moral, philological and spiritual insights he borrows from or shares with others, as well as those that make him different. Papers will be presented by a range of both established and emerging scholars.

In addition to keynote speakers there will be parallel sessions, some academic and others more popular, aimed at providing material suitable for a range of participants. On Saturday evening there will be a concert of music from the time of Tyndale presented by the English Chamber Choir, and on Sunday a service in Hertford College chapel followed by a guided walk around Reformation related sites in Oxford.

Members will automatically receive mailings about the conference. Non-members are very welcome and can obtain full details and a booking form by emailing a request to . There are several booking options, including a choice of residential or non-residential and the full conference or day attendance.