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In the latest issue of the esteemed publication Reformation Volume 3, 1998, of The Tyndale Society, I read the arresting and interesting article entitled: Women's Place: Gender Obedience, and Authority in the Sixteenth Century by Orlaith O'Sullivan of Trinity College, Dublin, that highly respected and reputable seat of higher learning founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, on the heresy trials of the Reformation with particular reference to four brave women martyrs, namely, Anne Askew (Ayscough), Katherine Parr (wife of Henry VIII), Agnes Prest, and Elizabeth Young.

Here in Exeter there is a Memorial to Agnes Press and Thomas Benet (a Roman Catholic Priest) both of whom were burnt at the stake in Exeter at that time. This memorial stands prominently on its own small corner site at the junction of Barnfield Road and Denmark Road near the city centre and not far from the Cathedral ...

It may well interest members of the Tyndale Society who may visit Exeter to know of this historic Memorial and who might like to visit it.... It is only a short walking distance, some 10 minutes to this memorial, eastwards from the city centre.

There is an excellent small book entitled The Story of the Exeter Protestant Martyrs by Mary E T Stirling, comprising 32 pages which is held in the Record Office of the Devon County Council here in Exeter. It detail the lives and the events of these two martyrs (Agnes Prest and Thomas Benet) and the erection of this fine monument in their memory.

The original small book in question has long been out of print: understandably so, since it was first printed in 1913 at the then price of 'three pence'! As stated in the Foreword of the enclosed small book, The Protestant Alliance (77 Ampthill Road, Flitwick, Bedford, MK45 I BD) republished it in 1982 and has now again, patriotically and loyally, 'reissued this little volume in order to make the story of this hero and heroine of the faith more widely known'. As also mentioned in this Foreword, the final paragraph, an Annual Commemoration of these two Exeter martyrs is conducted at the Memorial in October each year. I have to say, however, that this has been so for the past few years only. This year it was held on Saturday 24 October at 2 p.m. and, despite the stormy, rainy weather, together with some 30 other persons, I attended it. Immediately afterwards some 40 persons attended a Divine Service in the FREE Church of England church short distance away. This year the Commemoration at the Memorial was made known to the general public by a suitable, prominent display of photographs, well as free copies of the reprinted book mentioned, and leaflets, inside the main entrance of Exeter Central Library, and attracted much attention. This display lasted for a week, the maximum time permitted, leading up to the date of the Commemoration Service.

I trust that this information will be of some interest to the members of The Tyndale Society.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Lawson-Young

Copies of the booklets, leaflets, photographs and maps have been kindly deposited with the Society's secretary for members' use. The leaflets on Agnes Prest and Thomas Benet are also printed elsewhere in this Journal. - Editor

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