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Letters to the Editor

The Rev. Anthony E.F. Trotman sent a letter last summer in which he warmly recommended an article by Carsten Peter Thiede entitled ‘The Greek Bible: a plea to rediscover our roots’ which appeared in the Thursday 8 July 2004 edition of the Church of England Newspaper.

Rev. Trotman wrote that the article ‘exalts William Tyndale and his translation. I think many Tyndalians like myself would like to see it re-printed in the Tyndale Journal’.

Editor’s note: Many thanks for drawing my attention to this and I regret that it has not been possible to follow up this suggestion to date. It would help enormously if one of our readers could send me a copy of the article.

The following is an extract from a letter from Mr Charles Pfeil of Chipping Sodbury to Ms Priscilla Frost (with a copy to the editor) concerning Tyndale in Gloucestershire.

Dear Priscilla,
We recently held a dedication at St. Adeline’s Church in Little Sodbury after remounting the church bell (dated 1707). The bell once hung in the private chapel at Little Sodbury Manor, where the 16th century priest William Tyndale was tutor to the children of Sir John and Lady Anne Walshe….


Now that we as members of St John’s Church PCC in Chipping Sodbury have responsibility for maintaining St Adeline’s in Little Sodbury, I will continue to make it my priority that it is kept open for church services, as its connection with Tyndale makes it a very special building indeed.

Your sincere friend.
Charles Pfeil, Chipping Sodbury,
November 2004.

Ronald Mansbridge was kind enough to send me a copy of the Holy Eucharist service held at Emmanuel Episcopalian Church in Lyons Plain Road, Weston, Connecticut, USA on 6 October to commemorate William Tyndale. The Rev. David Feyrer preached a short homily on the life and achievements of William Tyndale. His church plans to make this a yearly event.

It is heartening that commemoration of Tyndale is now being celebrated in America. I am sure that the parish of Weston took this step because they were inspired by Ronald’s enthusiastic support of Tyndale and the Society over the years.

Incidentally Ronald also wrote that he will shortly be celebrating his 99th birthday which surely makes him our doyen (oldest member). Many congratulations Ronald and thank you for keeping in touch.

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Urgent message from David Ireson

Will the member who emailed him about Tyndale’s Vilvoorde letter kindly get in touch with him again? Due to a computer breakdown he has lost all your contact details.

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