Geneva Postbag

Report by Valerie Offord

I should like to thank the Geneva Tyndale Conference committee of Antonia Bruce, Ann Elter, Liliane Iselin, Judith Munzinger, Arthur Robinson, Susanne Rumphorst and Joan Wilson as well as its co-opted members Robin Offord and Julie Robinson for all their hard work, cheerfulness and invaluable support in making the event such a success.
Valerie Offord, Chair of the Organizing Committee.

Project to Publish the Conference Proceedings
The speakers’ papers at the Geneva Conference were of such a high academic quality and so cohesive that the idea to publish them was conceived. All the speakers have already agreed to this proposition, a financial contribution has been received, abstracts have been written and a preliminary approach to a publisher has been most encouraging. Academic editors have accepted to undertake the task but for the moment the project is being coordinated by Valerie and Robin Offord.

It is clearly early days for the project and it is probable that its success will turn on whether enough financial support can be found. However, all the signs so far are extremely positive. Clearly any suggestions as to grant giving bodies and sources of funding that members can give would be of immense help.

The Committee was very touched by the messages and letters received from participants at the Conference. We have selected a few comments to share with those members who were unable to attend.

‘Just a note to thank you for your part in ensuring a memorable Conference weekend and congratulations to your team for their hard work. Extra goodies like the evening meal and company and the visit to that Aladdin’s cave of clocks and watches made it super and the lectures were all superb. Roll on the next time we all get together and make new friends’.
David Green, delegate, UK, 31 October
‘I had a very rewarding time in Geneva’.
John McDiarmid, lecturer, USA, 5 November
‘Thank you again for putting together a wonderful conference at Cartigny’
Harold Rawlings, delegate, USA, 3 November
‘What a great conference. I had a splendid time. And plaudits to you and your team for organizing it so well’.
Neil L. Inglis, session chairman, USA, 5 November
‘The entire mood of the Geneva Conference was so joyful and upbeat’.
Mary Clow, Vice-Chairman Tyndale Society, UK and USA, 30 October

Conference Quiz Answer
An extract from a 14th century English translation of the Bible on parchment from Douce MS 250 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (part of the Beatitudes Matthew chapter 5).

There were many interesting, ingenious answers to the Conference quiz which was to identify an extract from a manuscript. This is now reproduced elsewhere in this issue of the Journal in Dr William Cooper’s article ‘A 14th century Surprise’. Clearly there was no winning entry as the article is a ‘scoop’. Virtually all entrants identified it as a Wycliffe translation – right date but wrong translator.

In view of this the prize was awarded to your Vice-Chairman, for her completely wrong, amusing and tongue in cheek answer ‘It was King James’s own attempt to contribute to ‘his’ Bible. He gave up after Matthew 5 and went hunting as usual. No verses - as ever the King forbade any Calvinistic influence.’

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