Tyndale Society Publications Committee

The Society’s Publications Committee held its inaugural meeting in April. Almost all the Committee were able to attend. The Society was pleased to welcome Dr Helen Parish and Dr Brian Cummings on to the Committee to share their expertise in the review of manuscripts and submissions.

In addition to acting as a catalyst for publishing issues arising from Reformation and the Journal, the Committee considered various other projects and tabled these for review, report and future discussion. It was felt that to further support the Society and the Ploughboys particular priority should be given to the issue of a new booklet on the life and achievements of William Tyndale building on the valuable initiatives of the British Library exhibition guide and David Ireson’s audio-visual presentation ‘Let There Be Light’. Various explorations with regard to funding, content and format were agreed and the Committee will consider and review its findings when it meets again in the autumn.

Peter Clifford, chairman July 2003.

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