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Letters to the Editor

El Adnyt Rides Again

Dear Valerie,

Just as, in the recent past El Adnyt stealthily rode into forbidden places in the east borne by his camel, so that camel again today bears him abroad this time to the west.

His translation of Holy Writ has, quietly but successfully, been introduced by myself to the parishioners of the Cornish Saint Briochus. Today, one of the parishioners is to read from El Adnyt. It will be, she says, a real privilege to read from his version, as well as a pleasure. Such is the nature of this conversion - undemonstrative but deep.

It is in this stealthy way that the word is slowly getting around.

Yours sincerely,
El Adnyt’s Camel (alias Philip White)
6th Sunday after Trinity

Editor’s note
Rowland Whitehead first reported on Philip White’s Tyndalian interest in an article, written in code for security reasons, entitled
‘El Adnyt in the Sand’ Tyndale Society Journal No 17 December 2000. Now that Philip is living in Cornwall, England rather than the Middle East it would appear his Tyndalian propaganda can continue openly and unabated. May we take this opportunity of welcoming him as a new member of the Society!

Dear Valerie,

While proof-reading material for the Journal, I noticed under “Dates for your Diary” that there were four major events scheduled for October this year – the Gloucester Cathedral lecture, the Hertford College lecture, the Lambeth lecture and the Geneva Tyndale Conference – and during the rest of the year very little. It seems unfortunate that so many things are happening at almost the same time. Rather a case of a feast in the month of October and famine for the remainder of the year!

In order to avoid this in future, would it be possible for the organizers of these various events to arrange a planning consultation, say eighteen months in advance, so that all these wonderfully interesting events could be spread a little more evenly over the year?

Yours, in friendship,
Judith Munzinger

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