Report by Mary Clow
March 2003.

stork feeding her young

The Service of Lessons from Tyndale and Carols, in the beautiful Wren church of St Mary Abchurch in the City of London, was held on Wednesday 18 December 2002. It is becoming something of a Christmas tradition through our Vice-Chairman, Sir Rowland Whitehead, a churchwarden and Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers, whose church this is. Quite a number of us escaped last minute shopping to be there and, as Tyndale recorded of the wise men, we were marvellously glad.

That evening we met for the first Tyndale Society Christmas Party, where the guest of honour was Brian Moynahan, author of the recently published ‘If God Spare My Life: William Tyndale, the English Bible and Thomas More - a Study of Martyrdom and Betrayal’. (Copies are still available from the Society price £17.99; see book review in TSJ no 23 December 2002.)

Brian Moynahan had agreed to answer questions on his controversial Tyndale hypothesis, but he looked rather like Daniel assessing the lions on finding himself in such a den of Tyndalians. However, the skilful chairing of our very own Daniel, Professor David Daniell, put him at ease and interrogators from the floor were lightly deflected if ever the atmosphere threatened. We rounded off the day with a buffet supper. Brian Moynahan wrote later that he and his wife had relished the encounter, as had we all.

Editor’s note

The Society would like to thank both Mary and Sir Rowland for organising this very enjoyable event. The evening seminar and delicious buffet supper chez Mary were especially appreciated by all those fortunate enough and sensible enough to accept her generous invitation!

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