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Dr Joe Johnson,
US Membership Office,

New Members
We welcome our new members to the Society, and look forward to meeting them at future events. We are confident they will enjoy their membership, and learn much! We ask them to tell a friend about the Society and help our membership to grow.

Member Sightings
In February Tyndale Society member Harold Rawlings was sighted on North American Satellite TV, and heard on world-wide short-wave radio as he visited the Los Angeles University Cathedral service of pastor, Dr Gene Scott. Dr Scott welcomed him and asked him to come to the platform and address the congregation and audience. Also, Harold had the pleasure of viewing Dr Scott’s most impressive and comprehensive Bible collection.

North American Events
We are in the development stages of a North American Tyndale Conference. Keep an eye on the web site and future Journals.

Let us hear from you
Please let us know of coming events of interest. We would also like to know of anyone willing to speak to groups as we occasionally have a request for speakers.

Saturday 28 June 2003, 9am
Dr Joe Johnson will give an hour’s lecture at the 3rd Annual National Whigham Family Reunion. The topic: ‘The English Bible and its Influence in America’.

Saturday 1 November 2003 Paxton Heritage Festival, Paxton, Florida
Ploughboy Lectures are being scheduled as part of the annual Paxton Heritage Festival in the northern panhandle Florida town of Paxton. This will be the fourth year of participating at the Heritage Festival, and the first featuring lectures. Watch future editions of the Journal and our web site for programme details.

American Author’s New Play

U.S. playwright Patrick Gabridge reports that he has finally completed his play, God’s Voice, about Tyndale and the creation and dissemination of the English Bible. Some of you may recall meeting Patrick at the San Diego Conference in 2000, where he was eagerly taking in any scraps of information he could find about Tyndale and the English Reformation. His other plays, including an award-winning historical piece about Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe, have appeared on stages throughout the United States.

At the moment he is still searching for theatres interested in developing and producing God’s Voice, which he describes as an ‘impressionistic and somewhat surrealistic take on Tyndale and his friends (and enemies). Tyndale, John Frith, and John Tewkesbury are key roles in the play, though the Tewkesbury character is a composite of several reformers who were martyred. There are two women who serve as the voice of the Bible and the sound of the words and poetry that Tyndale hears in his head. It can get a little strange--bibles fall from the sky, Sir Thomas More is a hand puppet--but I hope it will be an interesting and enlightening experience for the audience’. Though the play is a work of fiction, not a documentary, Patrick says he has tried hard to stick to the facts and especially to the spirit of Tyndale and his fellow reformers.

If you would like more information about the play, or know of theatre companies that might be interested, feel free to contact him at:

Patrick Gabridge, 13 Highland Avenue, #3, Roxbury, MA, 02119, USA, or

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