Every year the Lambeth Diploma Association has a Study Week at St. Deiniol’s Library at Hawarden in Flintshire, North Wales. There is room at the Library for other people to stay and any residents are entitled to attend the Lectures. Since it is a Study Week there are only lectures after dinner, giving people time to use the wonderful facilities of the Library; or explore Cheshire or North Wales; visit Chester or Liverpool; or other places reasonably accessible from Hawarden.

In 2003 the Lambeth Diploma Week is from Monday 17 November to Saturday 22 November. I have been asked to give the lectures on The Early English Reformation. The provisional lecture titles are: “The Premature Reformation

– Wyclif and Lollardy”; “The Word of God – Tyndale and other translators”; “The Opposition – More, Fisher, etc.”; “Martyrs and Survivors

– Henrican and Marian Martyrs”; “Conclusion”.

If any members of The Tyndale Society would like to go to St. Deiniol’s Library that week please contact in the first instance: -

Revd Dr Ralph S. Werrell, 2a Queens Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1JQ, United Kingdom. E-mail: rswerrell@hotmail.com.

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