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Tyndale Calligraphy Cards

Back by popular demand! Reprints of our calligraphy cards have been made possible by David Green. These are now available in packets of ten with envelopes £4.50 +P&P

  The following books are now available to members and friends via the Tyndale Society – Postage & Packing is FREE

The New Testament 1526

Translated by William Tyndale
Transcription by W. Cooper
Introduction by David Daniell

The publication in 1526 of a modestly-priced pocket edition of the New Testament in English was arguably the most important single event in the history of the English Reformation. This new edition is the first complete reprint of William Tyndale’s pioneering translation of the New Testament from Greek into English. Not much larger in format than the original edition, it presents Tyndale’s words in the original spelling. It has been transcribed and edited by Dr W. R. Cooper, and has an introduction by Professor David Daniell. British Library Publications * Hardback * 2000 * ISBN: 0-7123-4664-3 * £15.00 (US$22.50)

The Wycliffe New Testament 1388

Edited by William Cooper An Edition in modern English language. John Wycliffe’s preaching and writing inspired the translating of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English, and the impact of the translation was so great that a law was passed condemning anyone caught reading it to be burned alive as a heretic. Despite such resistance, the Wycliffe Bible was read by thousands, and even after the advent of printing and the arrival of Tyndale’s New Testament, handwritten copies of Wycliffe’s Bible were still cherished and read. For the first time in over 600 years, the Wycliffe New Testament has been produced in modern English language by one of our members, Bill Cooper, also the editor of the recent edition of Tyndale’s 1526 New Testament, published in 2000. British Library Publications * Hardback * 2002 * ISBN:0-7123-4728-3

William Tyndale, A Biography

David Daniell

This important book, published in the quincentenary year of his birth, is the first major biography of Tyndale in sixty years. It traces the dramatic life of William Tyndale and discusses the profound religious, literary, intellectual, and social implications of his immense achievement.

“A massive contribution to the history of the Reformation in England. It is novel and important in its focus upon the language of the English scriptures in the formative period and in its long-range perspective.” J. Enoch Powell, Times Higher Education Supplement.

Paperback version now available!

Yale University Press * Hardback * 1994 * ISBN 0-300-06132-3 * £25.00 (US$37.50) Yale University Press * Paperback * 2001 * ISBN 0-300-06880-8 * £8.99 (US$13.50)

The Bible as Book: The Reformation

Editor: Orlaith O’Sullivan

The third volume in the series, The Bible as Book, examines aspects of the bible produced during the Reformation period, which marked a time of crisis and blossoming for the bible. Many lay people were offered the biblical text in the vernacular for the first time; however the biblical text was also being exploited for political and other ends. British Library Publications * 2000 * Hardback * ISBN: 0-7123-4675-9 * £40.00 (US$60.00)

Special offer for Tyndale Society Members - £35.00 (US$52.50)

All of the above items are available at Tyndale events or via mail order. Payment should be made by CHEQUE or POSTAL ORDER in GBP or US$ made payable to ‘The Tyndale Society’. We are sorry but we are currently unable to accept credit card payments. Orders should be sent to:

Mrs Gillian Guest, Tyndale Society, Hertford College, Oxford, OX1 3BW.


Please note that orders are now being fulfilled by Gill who works in the office only once a week. Whilst she will make every attempt to despatch orders promptly they may not be processed quite as rapidly as before. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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