‘A Tyndale Christmas’ – Available now on CD!

The Service of Nine Lessons and Carols from Hertford College, Oxford

Hertford College Chapel Choir 
Reader: David Daniell 
Conductor: Lee G K Dunleavy 
Organ Scholar: William Falconer 

Readings from Tyndale accompanied by the following carols: It came upon the midnight clear, John Stainer: O come all ye faithful, John Wade arr. David Willcocks: Today the Virgin, John Taverner : Of Angel’s Song, Philip Wilby: Unto us is born a Son, arr. Aidan Liddle: A Christmas Pastorale, Bernard Luard Selby: Alma redemptoris mater, Peter Maxwell Davies: O little town of Bethlehem, arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Shepherds loud their praises singing, Alec Rowley :Illuminare, Jerusalem, Judith Weir: Hark! the herald angels sing, Felix Mendelssohn arr. David Willcocks.

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‘Let There be Light’ – The Slide Talk, 2nd Edition

An ideal aid for lectures and talks about Tyndale, the first edition of this set of 100 slides, taped commentary and notes illustrating the life and work of William Tyndale sold out completely. The 2nd Edition has been in just as much demand and is about to be reprinted. This new Edition includes additional slides including the English House and medieval alleyways of Antwerp and printing presses from the Plantin Mauritus Museum. The commentary can be provided on tape or minidisk. 25.00 (US$ 37.50) + P&P.

‘Poems on the Underground’ Posters

If you enjoyed the extracts from Tyndale’s version of 1 Corinthians 13 on the tube, you might like to have one of these colourful posters of your own. They are a bargain at only 1.50 (US$2.25) + P&P.


Tyndale Society T-Shirts bearing an image of Tyndale similar to the cover of this journal are also available in S, M and L. T-Shirts are 100% cotton in white with a black print. All sizes are 8.00 (US$12.00) + P&P.

The following books are now available to members and friends via the Tyndale Society – Postage & Packing is FREE

The New Testament 1526

Translated by William Tyndale 
Transcription by W. Cooper 
Introduction by David Daniell 

The publication in 1526 of a modestly-priced pocket edition of the New Testament in English was arguably the most important single event in the history of the English Reformation. This new edition is the first complete reprint of William Tyndale’s pioneering translation of the New Testament from Greek into English. Not much larger in format that the original edition, it presents Tyndale’s words in the original spelling. It has been transcribed and edited by Dr W. R. Cooper, and has an introduction by Professor David Daniell.

British Library Publications * Hardback * 2000 * ISBN: 0-7123-4664-3 * 15.00 (US$22.50)

The Obedience of a Christian Man

William Tyndale 
Editor: David Daniell 

Tyndale’s vigorous direct English was substantially incorporated into the Authorized Version of 1611, and it made the New Testament available for the first time – in Tyndale’s famous determination – even to the ‘boy that driveth the plough’. The Obedience of a Christian Man (1528) boldly develops the argument that ordinary believers should take their spiritual sustenance direct from Scripture, without the intervention of (often worldly and corrupt) Popes and prelates. Its vivid discussion of sacraments and false signs, the duties of rulers and ruled, and valid and invalid readings of the Bible, makes the book a landmark in both political and religious thinking. This fine example of English prose also raises, even today, some powerful questions about the true challenge of living a Christian life.

Penguin Classic * Paperback * 2000 * ISBN: 0140434771 * 8.99 (US$13.50)

William Tyndale, A Biography

David Daniell 

This important book, published in the quincentenary year of his birth, is the first major biography of Tyndale in sixty years. This major biography traces the dramatic life of William Tyndale and discusses the profound religious, literary, intellectual, and social implications of his immense achievement.

“A massive contribution to the history of the Reformation in England. It is novel and important in its focus upon the language of the English scriptures in the formative period and in its long-range perspective.” J. Enoch Powell, Times Higher Education Supplement

Paperback version now available!

Yale University Press * Hardback * 1994 * ISBN 0-300-06132-3 * 25.00 (US$37.50)

Yale University Press * Paperback * 2001 * ISBN 0-300-06880-8 * 8.99 (US$13.50)

Tyndale’s New Testament

Translation by William Tyndale 
Edited by David Daniell

Printed in Germany in 1534 and smuggled into England for distribution, Tyndale’s masterly translation of the New Testament outraged the clerical establishment by giving the laity direct access to the word of God for the first time. Despite its suppression, it ultimately formed the basis of all English bibles - including much of the King James Version - until after the Second World War. Now for the first time Tyndale’s translation is published in modern spelling so that this remarkable work of English prose by one of the great geniuses of his age is available to today’s reader.

“This volume deserves wide circulation.” Library Journal

“For Dr. Daniell, Tyndale rather than the Authorised Version is the true source of the English Bible. Anyone can now test this claim for themselves by reading this splendid book.” Joseph Robinson, Church Times

“The work is a welcome contribution to historical scholarship.” Harvey Minkoff, Bible Review

Yale University Press * 1989 * Hardback * ISBN 0-300-04419-4 * 25.00 (US$37.50)

Paperback * ISBN 0-300-06580-9 * 10.95 (US$16.50)

Tyndale’s Old Testament

Translation by William Tyndale 
Edited by David Daniell

Tyndale translated and printed the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament) in 1530 as a pocket book, revising Genesis in 1534. He also translated and printed the Book of Jonah, probably in 1531. In addition, there is now little doubt that after translating the Pentateuch, Tyndale went on to translate the historical books of the Old Testament – Joshua to 2 Chronicles – for there is overwhelming evidence that those books, as they appeared in the 1537 ‘Matthew’s’ Bible, were Tyndale’s work.

This volume contains the Pentateuch (unavailable now except in an out of print and unreliably edited Victorian facsimile) and the historical books, which have not been in print since 1551 and are of great importance both to scholars and the general reader. The spelling in the texts has been modernised to show them as the modern productions they once were, and Tyndale’s introductions and marginal notes are included. David Daniell’s introduction explores Tyndale’s astonishing achievement in single-handedly turning the Hebrew into English of great variety, force and beauty.

Yale University Press * Hardback * 1992 * ISBN: 0-300-05211-1 * 30.00 (US$ 45.00)

The Bible as Book: The Reformation

Editor: Orlaith O’Sullivan 

The third volume in the series, The Bible as Book, examines aspects of the bible produced during the Reformation period, which marked a time of crisis and blossoming for the bible. Many lay people were offered the biblical text in the vernacular for the first time; however the biblical text was also being exploited for political and other ends.

British Library Publications * 2000 * Hardback * ISBN: 0-7123-4675-9 * 40.00 (US$60.00)

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