Ploughboy Notes and News

This is a new section in your Journal which we are launching this issue. We hope that it will prove popular with our readers and that they will contact the appropriate people for the various sections included here.

The Ploughboy Group of the Tyndale Society

Tyndale expressed his wish that everyone should be able to read the Bible by saying he wrote it for the ploughboy. Today studying Tyndale's world is not restricted to those who have spent long years at university. There are members of the Society from every walk of life and of every age who become fascinated with the history of the Reformation and the extraordinary faith, integrity and scholarship of Tyndale himself.

There is a great need for members of the Society who have made a start on the adventure to help others begin their own exploration. We need more members of the Ploughboy Group: Ploughboy Group members speak to groups in towns, villages, schools and organizations in their area. They make Tyndale's story their own and prepare themselves (perhaps with the slide talk or the CD-ROM version) to start others off on the Tyndale trail. It makes their personal studies far more rewarding.

Can you share your studies and enthusiasm with others? Could you give a talk or show the slides? Then please write or email me to join the Ploughboy Group. I will let you know of the resources available (some new ones coming soon) and how you might go about the task. Groups should make a modest donation to the Society on these occasions, so in sharing your discoveries you will also be helping the Society as well!

I should be grateful if existing Ploughboys could let me know of the groups that they have spoken to during the year 2001. We are beginning to hear of your efforts and have published details of talks drawn to our attention in this issue of the Journal.

Thank you very much indeed.

David Ireson, The Vicarage, Brendon Rd.
Watchet, Somerset TA23 OHU
Tel 01984 631228


David Green has been extremely active giving lectures with the slide talk on behalf of the Tyndale Society. His latest engagements have been at Fairford Church on 9 November, at Slimbridge Historical Society on 15 November and at Cirencester on 3 December where the audience was a Bible Study Group led by the Revd Tony Wharton.

John Mason has written the following account of his speaking engagement using the Let There Be Light slide set:

A Martyr Remembered

At a Council meeting of the Friends of All Hallows by the Tower we were discussing events and projects which we could undertake for the autumn. One of my suggestions was to give a presentation of William Tyndale, Translator, Reformer and Martyr. I was in a position to carry this out as I had previously purchased the slides, tape and presentation folder from Revd David Ireson.

It was decided to hold the event on the evening of Saturday 13 October in the parish room. On viewing the projector we found that the cartridges only held 36 slides and we needed to show 97. Using the 36 cartridges would entail three breaks to make a changeover which would not be conducive to continuity. Having bought a new projector with two cartridges, each holding 50 slides I set about getting to grips with operating it. This proved trying as the slides kept running backwards! However, after more rehearsals with my brother George assisting, we were finally ready.

At rather short notice, we found that we would have to bring the date forward a week. Introducing the media presentation by the Ploughboy Group of the Tyndale Society I explained that we would have an insight on Tyndale's life, works and death. 1 suggested that we should pay particular attention to the date, 6 October, which would be clearer towards the end of the presentation. It came at slide 86: Martyrdom. William, found guilty of heresy and condemned to death, was taken to the stake to be strangled and burnt on the morning of 6 October 1536.

By a chance change of date, we found that we were remembering William l Tyndale on the very date of his death 465 years ago!

John Mason, Ploughboy, October 2001

Tyndale Gazetteer

This project is mentioned in the Society Notes to be found on page 60 in this issue. The compilers, David Green and Priscilla Frost, have already made a good start on it but would be glad to hear from members in order to make this as comprehensive as possible. We are hoping to put all this information on our website so as to make it as accessible to as many people as possible and to help our overseas members when they plan Tyndale related trips to the United Kingdom.

The following information on Acton Court, Iron Acton sent to the editor by Peggy Osborn, the authoress of the article on the Tyndale Window, Bristol Baptist College (Tyndale Journal no 19, August 2001) should get pens and keyboards a buzzing. Peggy Osborn writes:

Nicholas Pointz, the nephew of Anne Walsh, was also related to the Thomas Pointz with whom Tyndale lived in Antwerp. Nicholas was a high-ranking courtier popular with Henry VIII who lived at iron Acton which is 6 miles west of Little Sodbury. He added a very grand East wing to his manor house, Acton Court, in 1535 for the visit of King Henry Vill and Anne Boleyn. This newly constructed wing comprised a long gallery and state apartments. From there the royal party went on to stay with the Walshes.

The rest of the manor has long since gone but miraculously, this wing remains in an entirely unaltered state. For years it was a hippy colony and in a very bad condition; but English Heritage and the local council have, at last, stepped in to save it. Now on certain days, it can be visited in all its glory.

We managed to get to see it this summer, I realize Tyndale had already left the Walshes by the time of the royal visit but he would certainly have seen much of the Pointz family at Acton Court during his stay at Little Sodbury.

It would be a fabulous place for your members to visit.

If you have any information to contribute to the gazetteer please contact either:

David Green, 22 Foss Field, 
Winstone, Gloucestershire GL7 7JY
Tel: +44 (0)1295 821651


Priscilla Frost

Dates for Your Diary

As this is the first time we have featured this it is rather lacking in information! Please send your events and speaking engagements to the Ploughboy Group Convenor, David Ireson, so that he can collate them.


Thursday, 10 January, 7.00pm

Minchinhampton Literary and Historical Society, Minchinhampton Church, near Stroud. Tyndale Story. For more details please contact the lecturer David Green tel. 01295 821651.

Thursday, 28th February, 7.30pm

The Largs & District Historical Society, Largs Museum, Largs, Ayrshire KA39 8AW, Scotland. The Nisbets of Hardhill: Freedom's Knot by Mary Clow of The Tyndale Society & The Nesbitt/Nisbet Society. 45-minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes questions/discussion. All welcome.

VEO, November 2001