Locating Old Bibles

Dr Paul Tench acted on Vic Perry's appeal about Early English Bibles in town libraries (TJ no. 16, August 2000) and wrote in early September 2001 to say that he had had a response from his local library.

The Cardiff Central Library manager, Mr R. Boddy, contacted him to say that they hold several hundred early Bibles. Unfortunately, most of them are in a sad state of repair and have received little attention since the library moved into its present building.

There are catalogue entries for most in the old early printed books' card catalogue but these entries have not been transferred to the computerized catalogue. Some, however, still remain uncatalogued. Furthermore he remarked it seems unlikely that, given the present staffing restraints, that this situation will change greatly in the near future.

Anyone interested in pursuing this matter should get in touch with Cardiff Central Library at email: enquiry@libraries.cardiff.ac.uk

VEO, October 2001

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