Christian Heritage Walks

At 11 am on a drizzly Saturday about 20 people met at The Cross behind St Paul's Cathedral for a City of London walk led by Tyndale Society member Keith Berry, who comes from Luton, Bedfordshire where he is a Baptist Minister.

The group introduced themselves beneath the 19th century statue of a golden St Paul — the Apostle would definitely have considered that a pagan extravagance. There were visitors from overseas — South Africans, New Zealanders — with Londoners who wanted to know more of their history, and country couples who wanted to know about London. Keith assumed no prior knowledge and pitched his information at an easy level — a bright child would have been equally intrigued.

Triumphantly holding on high Tyndale's 1526 New Testament (BL/Tyndale Society edition of 2000) Keith showed us exactly the spot where the originals were burned by Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall. We dashed on at a brisk pace to cover eight other sites — the oldest church in London, the 19th century Postmen's Park, memorials to Smithfield martyrs, and to the Wesley brothers, all within a mile radius in 90 minutes. As a group leader Keith takes no prisoners, crossing roads with big city agility or vanishing down hidden alleys. Somehow we all kept up — even some young nurses who defected briefly for coffee. We ended in the Chapel of Bart's Hospital with a grateful prayer.

Christian Heritage Walks in London and Cambridge are free, a hat is passed for expenses. Ring Keith Berry 01582 656158 for dates and details. I learnt a lot and thoroughly recommend the experience.

Mary Clow, September 2001

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