Tyndale Scholarship Fund

Good news for St. Andrews Reformation Studies Institute

One of the chief powerhouses of Reformation study is at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. There, the St. Andrews Reformation Studies Institute, directed by Professor Andrew Pettegree, conducts research in the field of the Reformation all over Europe. The Institute attracts post-graduate students and academics from across the world. In September 2000 they announced the creation of a new scholarship fund, made possible by the receipt of a substantial anonymous donation to the work of the Institute.

The donors expressed the wish that the fund should be named The David and Dorothy Daniell William Tyndale Scholarship Fund. In January 2001 Professor Pettegree announced the names of the holders of the first scholarships under this scheme. One, Alexandra Kess, a graduate of Munich University, is now at St. Andrews for doctoral work on aspects of Protestant history writing in the 16th Century. The other, Michael Springer, has gone to St. Andrews after completing a Masters degree in Portland, Oregon. His doctoral work is on the influences of the Polish theologian John a Lasco.

It is hoped that this splendid financial initiative may be followed by others who wish to add to the fund. Anyone interested should write in the first place to:

      Professor Pettegree
      St. Andrews Reformation Studies Institute
      St. John’s House
      69 South Street
      St. Andrews
      KY16 9AL

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