Latest Tyndale Monument Renovation Update

As reported in the last issue of the Journal urgent work and repairs are being completed. The Appeal Committee is hopeful that the target of 60,000 will soon be reached.

Some work has been started to repair and repaint the railings, damaged and vandalized over the years. Negotiations are going forward between the powerline authority and local landowners so that a permanent electricity supply internal illumination of the stairway and external lighting and floodlighting.

Improved access to the monument is planned where possible (the tower lies just to the side of the Cotswold Way long distance footpath) and direction signs and explanatory plaques will be appropriately positioned.

Keys to the monument are available at the village shop in North Nibley for a 2 deposit plus an entry charge of 50p for adults and 20p for children. Until the power is connected, visitors would probably be advised to carry a torch.

Donations to the work will be most welcome. Gift Aid forms can be obtained from their Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks, 13 Highlands Drive, North Nibley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 6DX: Tel.: (01453) 543691, International: +44 1 453 54 36 91. E-mail:

Access to the Monument is not possible during the present foot and mouth crisis and all work has had to be suspended for the present.

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