Tyndale Monument Renovation Update

As we reported in our last article, there has been considerable weathering to the monument over the years and some vandalism. Years ago the original gilded cross was torn down in a gale and replaced by a metal one decorated with wire; about ten years ago repair work was carried out on the interior of of the monument and some external stonework.

We are happy to be able to report that urgent work and repairs are being completed. The work has involved removal of the cross to enable the erosion of the supporting goblet stone to be made good. A new block was carved and hoisted into place and, on 21 August, the cross, repaired and now gilded like the original, was placed in position and secured with a stainless steel dowel (replacing an iron one). A local craftsman, Andy Mitchell of nearby Alderley, carried out the total repair and regilding of the cross. For the guidance of future Tyndale devotees, one of the trustees, Mr. Peter Tumbrel, inserted a time capsule cylinder into a removeable metal panel in the main stem of the cross.

The railings, damages and vandalised over the years, are to be repaired and repainted and a permanent electricity supply will be provided for the internal illumination of the stairway and for floodlighting. Access to the monument will be improved where possible (the tower lies just to the side of the Cotswold Way long distance footpath) and direction signs and explanatory plaques wil be appropriately positioned.

A series of events to raise sufficient capital to carry out the necessary repairs to the monument and a reserve to set up an endowment fund towards any future work that may be necessary has been arranged by the Trustees.

The list of events organised and the sums raised is impressive.

Donations are still coming in and there is every hope that the target of £60,000 will be reached.

The monument is, of course, still closed to the public and as yet there are no plans for a ceremonial re-opening. Watch this column! The Secretary to the Trustees, has even asked for copies of the Tyndale Journals containing this series of articles for her Trustees scrapbook.

Further information and gift aid forms can be obtained from:
Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks
13 Highlands Drive
North Nibley, Dursley
Gloucestershire GL11 6DX

Telephone: (01453) 543691
International: +44 1453 543691
E-mail: tyndale-mon@hotmail.com
small picture of the Tyndale monument

Compiled by Joan Wilson from information supplied by David Green and Mrs. E. Hicks.