Tyndale Monument Renovation

Mr. F.J. Gadsden, Chairman of the Trustees of the Tyndale Monument Appeal, sent a letter to our Secretary appealing for our assistance in the renovation and maintenance of the Tyndale Monument in Gloucestershire.

Some ten years ago the interior of the Monument was repaired, so that the public could have safe access to the top. At the same time the external stonework was repaired from a bosun's chair.

Now this Grade II listed structure, located in North Nibley, needs urgent repairs and improvements. The work required involves the removal of the Cross, to enable the erosion of the stonework supporting it to be made good. The original gilded Cross was blown down in a gale, and the replacement will be gilded by a local craftswoman before it is refixed in place with a stainless steel dowel. The railings, which have been damaged and vandalised over the years, will be repaired and repainted, and a permanent electricity supply provided for the internal illumination of the stairway and floodlighting. Access to the Monument will be improved where possible, and direction signs and explanatory plaques placed in appropriate positions.

The Appeal has already received a generous grant from the Gloucestershire County Council, with a similar amount being promised by the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust. Other substantial donations have ensured that the Appeal is already two thirds of the way to the target and enabling the work to begin. The Trustees are making a serious effort to attract as many donations as possible, in order that a Fund towards the future upkeep of the Monument can be established.

The Tyndale Monument Appeal Trustees have suggested that our Society could provide information on William Tyndale's life history and his contribution towards religion and language in England. This could take the form of one, or several, explanatory plaques placed in a suitable position.

Further information on this important restoration work can be obtained from their Secretary:

Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks,
13 Highlands Drive,
North Nibley, Dursley,
Gloucestershire GL 11 6DX

Telephone: (01453)543691

International: + 44 1453 543691
E-mail: tyndale-mon@hotmail.com