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Edited by Anne M. O'Donnell, S.N.D. and Jared Wicks, S.J.

Publication Date: May 31, 2000

xlix, 496 pages Cloth, ISBN 0-8132-0820-3, $79.95


The Catholic University of America Press is pleased to announce the publication of a critical edition of William Tyndale's Answer to More. It is the first volume to be published in the new series of the Independent Works of William Tyndale.

Not only does Tyndale's Answer provide the missing link between St. Thomas More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies (1529, 1531) and Confutation of Tyndale (1532 1533), but its newly minted phrases and biblical images, its attack on the Donation of Pepin (AD 754), and its emphasis on feeling faith make it essential reading for scholars and graduate students of English language and literature, church history, and theology.

Here in the Foundational Essay, Tyndale takes his position on six major topics: his English translation of the New Testament, Scripture versus tradition, election to glory the papacy, historical faith versus feeling faith, and religious ceremonies. In the remaining two-thirds of Answer, Tyndale attacks points from each of the four books in More's Dialogue.

The introduction to this critical edition of Answer briefly presents the history of its composition and the principles of its theology. The commentary spans fifteen-hundred years of church history from the New Testament to Tyndale's works of polemic and exegesis. Sidenotes horn the Whole Works of 1573 show how Answer was received in Elizabethan England, after the queen had been excommunicated by Pius V in 1570. The glossary alerts the reader to the subtle differences between Renaissance and Modern English, and the indices to Scripture, Jerome, Augustine, Aquinas, Erasmus, More, Luther, and Tyndale provide access to the rich theological background.

Anne M. O'Donnell, S.N.D., is associate professor of English at The Catholic University of America and executive editor of the Independent Works of William Tyndale series. She is the coeditor of Word, Church, and State: Tyndale Quincentenary Essays. Jared Wicks, S.J. is professor of theology and former academic dean of the faculty of theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is the author of several books, including Luther's Reform Studies in Conversion and the Church.


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