Letters to the Editor (edited for publication)

One of the Christian Fundamentals from William Tyndale

Repentance: Metanoeo; meta: a change or alteration; noieo: to exercise the mind. From the Introduction to the 1534 New Testament.

Concerning this word Repentance or ‘penance’, the Hebrew hath in the Old Testament generally turn or be converted ... The Greek in the New Testament hath perpetually ‘metanoeo’, to turn in the heart and mind, and to come to the right knowledge, and to a man’s right way again. For which ‘metanoeo’ St. Jerome’s translation hath sometime ‘ago poenitentiam’, I do repent: sometime ‘poeniteo’, I repent...

Erasmus useth much this word, ‘resipisco’, I come to myself, or to my right mind again.

The very sense and significance both of the Hebrew and also of the Greek word is, to be converted and to turn to God with all the heart, to know his will, and to live according to his laws: and to be cured of our corrupt nature with the oil of his Spirit, and the wine of obedience to his doctrine.

Alex Clark

I recently drove to Leicester to hear Prof. Daniell give a lecture on Tyndale and his Bible which I very much enjoyed. I also told him that my great Grandfather, Charles Hancock was one of the workmen concerned in the erection of the mon-ument at North Nibley, Gloucestershire. He suggested I write to you to know if any other members of the Tyndale Society have an ancestor similarly involved.

I also have in my possession a Bible given to him, being one of the workmen involved in the building of the monument. As a child I was told, ‘That is the Tyndale Bible and you must not touch it.’ So I presumed it was a ‘Tyndale Bible’ until it came into my possession, but it is an Authorised Version of 1865, with a beautifully tooled leather cover. We had this restored since as it was badly in need of attention.

Some years ago I visited Wotton-under-Edge Library and turned up the details of who subscribed to the cost of the monument, but could find no details of who carried out the work. Perhaps Journal readers may know more.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Nora Unwin (née Hancock)

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