Vice-Chairman's Notes: Letter from America

It is a pleasure to represent the growing number of North American members of the Society. At present, our members are scattered across twenty-five states, as well as several Canadian provinces. We continue to grow and inquiries about the Society are increasing.

We have had a good response from some members regarding the idea of founding local chapters of the Society. The goals would include promoting knowledge of William Tyndale through presentations of Rev. David Ireson's marvelous new multi-media program, as well as providing information about upcoming events and generally fostering increased interest in all things related to Tyndale. If any readers of this column would be interested in assisting in such projects, I would be most happy to hear from them.

Another area of my responsibility involves assisting in the planning of conferences worldwide. It is with excitement that we note here the plans for a two-day conference in Toronto, 7-8 June 1999. The conference theme is The True Oxford Reformers: Colet, Erasmus and Tyndale (intentionally playing off the title of Frederic Seebohm's book The Oxford Reformers: Colet, Erasmus and More - the irony was irresistible!). Tyndale College and Seminary will host the conference, which will include presentations by speakers from that institution as well as others long-associated with the Society. Announcements of conference details will be posted to all members in the very near future.

If your area of the world is a bit chilly in October, and you are wont to have the intellectual stimulation and good fellowship of fellow Tyndalians, consider this. Our most gracious member Mary Clow has offered to host a small (25-30 persons) conference at her home in Lindos, on the isle of Rhodes, tentatively scheduled for 15-18 October. Again, details will be forthcoming shortly in the post to all members.

Lastly, I should mention that my own institution, Point Loma Nazarene University, is planning to host our second Tyndale conference in San Diego. The dates are set for 3-6 February 2000. The setting should be marvelous and the theme is entitled, simply, Tyndale and the Bible in the Reformation. Calls for papers and conference information will be sent well in advance.

I trust that the reader is not overwhelmed but, rather, enthused by learning of all the activities forthcoming. Please feel free to make suggestions or direct questions to me regarding any of the above conferences. In addition, please do your best to encourage all to join who share our interests and enthusiasm. The Society needs the support of individuals and institutions alike if our work is to survive and thrive.

Barry Ryan
North American Secretary
Point Loma Nazarene University 3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, California 92106

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