This issue should hit your doormat before Easter, hopefully packed with a variety of items to interest every reader and hopefully to be packed and taken with you on your Easter break.

Just as the animals entered the ark in pairs by kind, so also articles have entered this issue in pairs by kind. (Is it all the rain we're having?) There are two papers from last Autumn's Oxford conference, two announcements of important developments, two polemical items, two reports from our Chairman and Vice-Chairman, two impressions of the day conference in Geneva last October and two papers to help you plan your Easter holiday. Breaking the pattern however, is the single and much sought-after Lambeth Lecture by Bishop Rowan Williams.

The Vice-Chairman, Dr Barry Ryan, has written the Letter from America. Membership in North America is increasing all the time and I hope to include more articles and announcements from that part of the world in future issues.

Back in this part of the world, members visiting Devon may want to read about Exeter's links to the English Reformation. They may wish to visit Lydford too, The church in Lydford contains misericords and one of then is of William Tyndale.

Several Society members have been busy promoting the work of William Tyndale, through events and media. Details may be found in the Society Notes, Letters, and inside back cover.

A blessed and happy Easter to you all.

Deborah Pollard

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