The Millenium Gospel — a play

The trouble with Jesus is he's been taken over by the church! You gasp, but truly Jesus belongs to everyone, our nature, our way of thinking, the laws we have, our concept of right and wrong and much, much more. The very air of England is impregnated with His teaching.

The Millennium Gospel is about this hinge in world history, this man who turned the world around. It is written as a 'harmony' told by the four gospel writers, but only a fragment of the message - the secular part, (not because the rest is not important) but because the secular world needs to know, and the secular world is interested only in secular things.

The play is not written to be performed or produced by Christians for Christians, nor to be preached nor for evangelism. All these possibilities may happen but they are not the purpose of the exercise. The purpose is simply to restore Jesus to the multicultural society that is England today. The discovery of the secular Jesus might lead people to read about the spiritual Jesus.

It is written to be performed in education. Copies of the play may be obtained from:

New Theatre Publications
tel: 0845 331 3516 

Paul Brazier