Christ Speaks to the Millennium

Twentieth Century, what have you done to me?
Twentieth Century, you should have been mine.
Not for your wars will I reprove you.
Not for your wars, though bitter and bloody they be.

Not for your wars
When your brave men strode bravely to die
But for your peace that is no peace of mine,
Peace of your power lust,
Peace of your greed for gold,
Bankrupt peace of your moribund bottom line.
Yes, for your peace I will surely reprove you,
Peace polluted with hatreds untold.
Have you not known how greatly I love you?

Now thank I my Father,
I thank for the few who still hold the line
For the Twenty First Century yet shall be mine.

This poem was inspired by Antonio Sciortino’s monument for the Second International World Eucharistic Congress, held in Malta in 1913. The monument which is just outside Valletta, has a life-size figure of Christ, The King, mournful and walking, on an eight foot high pediment with the figures 1913 prominently displayed. At the foot of the monument kneels a diminutive figure of little Malta, a woman wearing armour, in deep repentance for the holocaust of World War I.

As I contemplated this monument I was always forced to think of the Christians nations united in the International Eucharistic Congress in 1913 and at each others’ throats in 1914.

And so I wrote the poem above.

Ian Sciortino

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