‘First, find a ploughboy ...’

It is good to have a challenge... and the Society’s wish to have a slide-talk for use by its members is proving to be an exciting one. The first of the hundred slides was taken one rainy Saturday in early March. A co-operative adolescent was found with shoulder length hair and a resourceful mother. A medieval wooden plough was tracked down and a farmyard with wooden carts. The ‘ploughboy’ was then photographed eating his lunch sitting next to the plough and with a small leather bound volume in his hand. That was one day’s work for one picture!

David Green has been busy tracking down a flock of Cotswold sheep... with new-born lambs. He was fortunate enough to find a very helpful shepherd... That’s two slides. The other 98 will all be taken by July....

The first edition of the slide talk can be improved as more unique photographs are taken. The real need is for pictures taken of original texts. Have you any suggestions of pictures which could be taken to bring the story of William Tyndale alive for people of today?

The ‘Ploughboy Group’ is trying to extend the reach of the Society. It is trying to produce materials for young and old who know little about Tyndale’s achievements. The slide talk is just the start. The need for a readable book for children and young people is keeping Hilary Day very busy. There are many areas the Group could develop.

As a vicar I know only too well how harmful ‘religion’ can be. ‘Religious’ people have caused trouble since the dawn of time and for centuries have been responsible for mindless destruction and evil. The wounds of the Reformation still need to be healed, and the Ploughboy Group’s activities might just help. For forty-five years I was a Roman Catholic but I am now an Anglican vicar. Once I knew nothing of William Tyndale. He was a shadowy figure obscured by the great Thomas More. Now I see them both in a very different light... a light which casts a healing glow on my understanding of the past, and makes me want to enlighten others in the future.

David Ireson

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