AD - for the millennium

The Millennium is far more than a date in our diary - it provides an opportunity to celebrate the impact of Christianity upon our British culture over two thousand years.

After careful investigation into the plans that a number of Christian organisations have for celebrating the Millennium, the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches identified a significant gap. FIEC (a group of four hundred and sixty independent evangelical churches throughout the United Kingdom) discovered that no one was planning to express the influence of Christianity in a way that would reach the maximum number of people.

Consequently preparations are well in hand for a 32 page booklet that, in a popular, easy-to-read style, demonstrates the significance of Christianity in such areas as law and justice, literature and art, education and science, human and animal welfare, medicine, politics etc. Tyndale will naturally feature because of the enormous influence of his English translation of the Bible.

Priced at less than 1 per copy, with large discounts for bulk orders, many churches have already expressed such an interest in distribution in their area that we anticipate an initial print-run of some 150,000 copies. Teaching packs for schools will also be available.

Readers who would like to suggest people, movements or subjects that they think should be covered are invited to write to: Brian Edwards, 41 Herne Road, Surbiton, KT6 5BX. Or fax: 0181 397 4268. Or e-mail:

The publisher will be Day One Publications at 3 Epsom Business Park, Kiln Lane, Epsom, KT17 1JF.

Brian Edwards

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