To the Secretary.

My forebear, one William Stump, sometime Parish Clerk of North Nibley. Glos. and later of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, as owner of the Abbey and a wealthy cloth maker, was I believe, associated in some capacity with William Tyndale.

I have heard, or read, that William Stump did participate in some translations. We do not know how he acquired his considerable wealth. He possibly came from. Germany through some Involvement with William Tyndale.

I write to ask whether you have any information about English supporters of, sympathisers with, or receivers of pamphlets by William Tyndale. North Nibley seems such an unlikely place to bring forth such a mixture of Tyndale scholarship and Stump wealth.

An English relative who has done considerable research is pursuing some connection of the two families through marriage. I am curious as to why and how Stump appears seemingly from nowhere: literate, wealthy and socially acceptable. My English source does wonder whether Stump died before he too might have been brought to trial because of his association with Tyndale.

Are there source materials that I might access through our state archives which are considerable? Or could you suggest some line of enquiry'? I would of course pay for any material researched or copied and sent.

Esther Stump
2144 Banool Road, Surrey Hills
Victoria, Australia 3127

To the Secretary (edited)

In the last issue of the Journal, someone was asking about the Wycliffe memorial in Lutterworth church. We have regularly, if not frequently, to drive over to Cambridge, and, whichever way we go, we pass within a couple of miles of Lutterworth. So just before Christmas we stopped at the church. The memorial (and the 'relics' - see the comment in the Shell Guide to England) are OK. I took a couple of photos of the memorial, Photos of other items were prevented by the presence of Christmas decorators. Nor was it possible to use the camcorder in these circumstances, but we shall go again.

and if any photos are at all reasonable, 1 shall send copies. The only postcard on sale was an exterior view of the church. We also bought the booklet on the church, which has a drawing of the memorial and tells its history as well as having a page on Wycliffe.

We plan to take a video of the church. Would it be a good idea for Tyndale Society members to compile a video of places/churches/memorials etc. connected with Bible translation? If a list could be compiled and printed in the Journal, members could offer to take certain pictures, and no doubt someone could put the pieces together.

Does anyone know of a video on the translation of the Bible into English?

Could any readers provide information about CDs of English Bibles besides the Chadwick Healey one?

Yours sincerely,

Victor Perry

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