As I take up the task of Journal editor, I wish to thank Hilary Day for her advice and encouragement. She has set a hard standard to match. Several readers have asked for the Lambeth Palace Lecture of 1995 and at last there has been space for it. Also by request and new to the Journal is a collection of reflections arising from the Tyndale text. I do not claim any profound insights, or to speak for the Tyndale Society. There are however, texts which jump out from the page. Sometimes it's the turn of phrase that is so striking, sometimes for its quaintness, sometimes because a word or two has shifted in meaning and says something today Tyndale did not intend. The Tyndale text is a joy to read but it was written at great cost not for our amusement but for our edification. There are five devotions, labelled simply 'Day One', 'Day Two' etc. Please feel free to submit others for inclusion in future issues of the Journal. On a lighter note, one member has sent in a crossword puzzle with a Tyndale clue (17 down). Answers will be printed in the next issue. It is good to see mention of Tyndale. Awareness of his contribution is increasing.

Deborah Pollard

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