As I make my farewells as editor, and pass the Journal into the capable hands of Deborah Pollard, I look back over the last two years of the Society's life with great pride and delight.

This bumper issue of the Journal bears testament to the ever-increasing energy and enthusiasm of all its members from the grass roots to the very top. 1997 has been a year of tremendous activity and new projects such as the Ploughboy Group which our Chairman instituted in July (see p.68) will ensure that lots more events and publications will be forthcoming in the years to come. Tyndale's name will become more and more familiar and his legacy will finally come to be properly appreciated. It is down to each and every member to play his or her part, in schools, churches, societies and academic circles. No task is too small or insignificant to make an effect. Many lines of enquiry still cry out to be investigated and this Journal will continue to provide a forum for comment and suggestions. The success of the Journal depends on its contributions and I wish to thank all those who over the last two years have made my task an easy one, as the articles, letters, comments and suggestions which I have received and included in the Journal have been of such a high standard and of such variety. Please continue to inundate Deborah with your offerings (her address is inside the front cover of this issue). As I take my leave as editor (but not of course of the Society) I take this opportunity to wish the Journal well and to pray for the continued and ever-growing strength in depth of the Society. God bless you all.

Hilary Day


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