In my last editorial I wrote that 1997 had started off with a bang, and I am happy to say that this issue of the Journal provides evidence that the Society is keeping up the momentum. The overriding message contained in these pages is that there is still much to do; there are so many areas of research still to be investigated, so many avenues still to explore. Those of us who were lucky enough to be at the Saturday seminar in London (report on page 25) came away with the feeling that in some ways we have only just begun to place Tyndale in his rightful place on the map. The exciting discovery of the Stuttgart Bible opens up the possibility of more finds; Bill Cooper's research is just one example of what can be done-his article tells us about his discovery of a new fragment in Tyndale' sown hand-surely somewhere there must be more; Orlaith O'Sullivan's report on the Conference held in May by the Van Kampen Foundation and the Scriptorium, indicates how much valuable work is being carried out in the whole field of Reformation studies, opening up new horizons for Tyndale researchers.

Members continue to evangelise. Anne Hofflund kindly sent me a copy of the Christian Science Monitor from the U.S.A. which contained a double page centre spread about T:Tyndale and the Let There Be Light Exhibition. David Daniell has recently returned from Washington and he tells of the enthusiastic reception of the exhibition there (page 56), whilst Mary Clow reports on the New York exhibition (page 55). Mary has produced a children's educational pack entitled William Tyndale and the English Bible which will also be of interest to adults (further details from Orange Blossom Special, 273 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1UH).

Spreading the word about Tyndale and the Tyndale Society is an ongoing priority and we plan to set up more organised and proactive schemes at grassroots level. More of this in future Journals.

It happily falls to me as editor to offer formal congratulations to members of the society for their recent achievements: to Joan Williams for her involvement in the Building of the Year award which went to the new library at Hereford Cathedral, home to the Mappa Mundi; and, following Labour's recent dramatic election victory, to Rt. Hon. Frank Field M.P. for his appointment as Minister of State for Social SecuritY and Welfare Reform and to Rt. Hon. Frank Dobson M.P. for his appointment as Secretary of State for Health. We wish them well. We look forward to hearing Frank Dobson's lecture at Lambeth this year (for details see the Society Notes).

A number of Conference are planned for the forthcoming months and we encourage members to give them their full support. Exciting times lie ahead.

Hilary Day

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