1996 ended for the Society on a particularly high note. The Oxford Conference and its companion conference in Leuven were unqualified successes. This issue of the Journal contains reports on both, and a selection of the short papers given at the Oxford Conference. The subsequent Lambeth and Hertford Lectures each drew large and appreciative audiences who were privileged to hear stimulating and thought-provoking lectures. Again, reports are to be found in the following pages.

And 1997 has started off with a bang. The Let There be Light exhibition is progressing triumphantly round the United States and David Daniell has continued to be our greatest Tyndale Ambassador to America with his accompanying lectures and television and radio broadcasts.

Exciting enterprises are in preparation, and we draw readers' attention to the call for papers for the St. Deiniol's Library Conference and that to be held in Point Loma Nazarene College, San Diego.

We continue to need new members and encourage Tyndale enthusiasts to spread the word, perhaps following the excellent example of David Green (see Letters to the Editor). Ian Sciortino sent information on the Tyndale Society and the U.S. tour to a contact in Portland, U.S.A., who published an article in a local paper, the 'Union Jack'. We will be interested to hear from any other evangelists.

Please send in your contributions for the next issue of the Journal. It is your articles, letters and comments that make it a varied and wide-ranging publication, and perhaps our biggest advertisement for the Tyndale Society.

The officers of the Society wish to express their particular gratitude for donations from Norman Tomlinson Jr. of Micromedia Affiliates Inc.. Morristown, New Jersey, USA; and from Cudlow Lodge. The Editorial Board of Reformation record here their great gratitude to the Scriptorium, Grand Haven, Michigan, USA for an annual donation of $5,000.00 towards publication costs of that journal.

Hilary Day

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