Note from the Chairman

In November 1996, Dr Eberhard Zwink of the Wuerttembergische Landesbibliothek in Stuttgart, while superintending the transfer of a hand-written catalogue to computer, discovered a previously unrecorded copy of Tyndale's 1526 New Testament.

This sensational find increases rather than reduces the value of the British Library's copy, as it confirms the form and content of what we can now see as regular items from Peter Schoeffer's press in Worms. It is especially valuable in that it gives us for the first time a title page, which reads 'The new Testament as it was written, and caused to be written, by them which heard it. To whom also our saviour Christ Jesus commanded that they should preach it unto all creatures.'

As editor of Reformation 2, I was able at the very last minute to get an article on this find, and a facsimile of the title page, into that journal. Tyndale Society subscribers to Reformation will see it there. We hope that there will be fuller coverage of the find in the next issue of this Journal. Meanwhile, please note that Dr Zwink is speaking on the discovery in London on 26 April - see the announcement of the ½-day Society seminar.

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