In our next Issue ...

The cover illustration is a drawing of the Tyndale monument on the Embankment. Paul Jackson will be providing further sketches of it along with notes and comments. Some of us think it does justice to Tyndale; some of us think it's the most aesthetically pleasing monument north of the Thames; some of us think it ought to be much better known.

In due course we shall be having the commemoration addresses of both Archbishops. Lord Runcie's will be appearing in Reformation. Other papers from the Oxford Conference will appear from time to time; one for our next is Ralph Werrell's on Tyndale and the Blood of Christ.

Priscilla Frost will be offering a traveller's guide to the Tyndale sites in the Low Countries. Hilary Day's series on Postwar Bible translation will continue.

David Daniell will review Peter Auksi's book Christian Plain Style: The Evolution of a Spiritual Ideal. Canada: McGill-Queen's University Press, January 1995, $49.95.

We shall include further news of how the commemorations went in cathedrals and colleges around the world, and how events are continuing to stimulate interest in Tyndale and the Bible. Let's have your news of what happened, or what's going to happen. We also hope to give information about ongoing research and projects. We shall also include a further selection from your letters on how Tyndale is beginning to make changes in our readers and our realm. And please send us recommendations for what you'd like to see in the Journal.

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