John A.R. Dick: Tyndale Commemorations in Toronto

John Dick organized two scholarly sessions for the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 27-30 October, with speakers from both Canada and the United States.

The first session focused on the complex relationships between Tyndale and humanism. R.J. Schoeck explored the twinning of scholasticism and humanism in the curricula at both Oxford and Cambridge; Peter Auksi expounded the case for a biblical humanism in Tyndale's works: Matthew DeCoursey examined parallels between Tyndale and Erasmus, on the Eucharist.

In the second session Beth Langstaff considered parallels between Tyndale and Erasmus on the cessation of miracles; John Dick discussed Tyndale's association of witchcraft and sodomy; Archie Young read Bruce Boehrer's paper on the problematics of Tyndale's status as an intellectual radical. He also provided summary comments for both sessions, which were well attended and evoked lively discussion. Peter Auksi distributed copies of two articles on Tyndale from the Globe and Mail, Canada's leading newspaper.

The following week, Anne O'Donnell lectured on Tyndale's Independent Works at the the Thirtieth Conference on Editiorial Problems, 4-5 November, University of Toronto.

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