June Chantry & Michael Saward: Hymn for Tyndale's 500th Anniversary Tune:

Battle Hymn: 'Mine eyes have seen the glory...'

We thank you, Lord, for giving us the Prophets and the Law; 
the story of your people, whom you led through peace and war; 
for Psalms and Proverbs also; we your holy name adore, 
for this, your Word revealed.

  For your marvellous relevation      (repeat after verses)
  and the news of our salvation 
  given here to every nation, 
  we praise and thank you, Lord.

We thank you for the gospel of the Son of God who came 
to bring to us redemption from the curse of sin and shame; 
the gates of heaven's glory have been opened in his name, 
by this, your Word revealed.

We thank you for the letters penned by Peter, John and Paul 
with news of full forgiveness for the victims of the Fall, 
the hope of life eternal that's available to all, 
in this, your Word revealed.

We thank you, too, for martyrs and the sacrifice they made;
for those like William Tyndale who continued unafraid,
whose lives bore faithful witness, through the courage they displayed, 
to this, your Word revealed.

So now we give you thanks for those who, by your Spirit led, 
translated all the Scriptures, which in countless tongues are read, 
that all may know that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, 
through this, your Word revealed.

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