Note on the Latomus facsimile

Mindful of the rarity of Latomus's book, the Latin text is offered here in facsimile for the convenience of scholars. It appears by kind permission of the Chief Librarian of the University of Leed, with acknowlegement to the generous and courteous efficiency of the staff at Leeds University Library.

Latomus's book contains marginalia which are easily read. I am unable to identify f188 r 'Philip 2b'.

There are occasional errors in biblical references: f184 r gives Hebrews 2 for Hebrews 11; f185 v C has Luke 22 for Luke 17; the same page at D refers to 2 Timothy 4:8 in a strange way. The Deuteronomy 10 passage mentioned at f187 v A is elusive. f193 v suggests that Latomus may have misremembered the details of Acts 4.

Some printer's errors are fairly obvious:

f183 r C alioru read aliaru
f183 r D consensiamus read consentiamus
f183 v A aliquam read aliqua
f183 v B redemptoris read redemptionis
f183 v C Christianu read Christu
f183 v D Scil read Sed, meteri read mereri
f184 r A deficentes read deficientes
f185 r B subieret read subiret
f187 v A meriti read mereri
f191 v D libere read libero
f192 v A agitur read agit
f193 r B monachoru read Manichaeru (?)

Further difficulties will be noted by the attentive reader:

f185 r   (the parenthesis)
f186 v   initio
f187 r A (si before saltem?)
f188 r A (Quia autem...?)
f190 v A (numbered 182, 'quia tribulatio ... probationem')
f192 v A (the syntax of Augustine's quotation)
f193 v A (ut ... dat)

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