Appendix II

David Norton
Some groupings of Tyndale's words following the Oxford English Dictionary
1. Words not found in the OED
Abrech Guards Pace Squaring line
Arb Hargol Perleyed Starched
Baals Hartgoat Ratten Wait
Bloodvenger Headbald Room maker Weathering
Converting house Inclosers Secretness Wood
A fellowship Ixion Setstones 
Firstbornship Light-brained Sleds 
Forward On side Soleam 


2. Words first cited from Tyndale
A-good Famishment Scrale Turmoiled
Fainty Linkwork Trounced Whorekeeper


3. Words first cited from other authors in 1530
Change Luckily Staves Vaunt


4. Words which appear to antedate the OED's evidence in some way
Abstainer Chevisance Handsomely Snoutnosed
Adjuration Coverlet Hard heels Streaked
Afterbirth Dazing Head-piece Surgeon
Aftergathering Evil-favouredly Healthsome Taxus
Arm Executer Jestingstock Tellers of fortunes
Ashpans Facts Layers await Teated
Aways Fainted Mangy Tufts
Black Moors Flaggy Merciless Uncorruptly
Blood Forecast Metal Unhallow
Bonfire Freckles Midwife Uninhabited
Dash out the brains Furs Monstrous Verses
Settest up thy bristles Goggle-eyed Rebelliousness Waster
Graver (i) Rove Wipe out
Bucking time Handfast Runagate
Caller-on Handfasted Shrewd case


5. Words other than those in group I which appear to have lost currency by 1611 (* Words last cited 1604-1611)
A-dread Dragged Origen To-go
Back* Dressing-knife Plague Trump
Broke Famishment Play Unhele
Cense Flatpieces Pleck Unright*
Clouden Franchise Shope Unthrifty
Commoned Hoared Shrewd case Vantage
Courtesy (i) Inhabitaters Siege
Debite Lusty Soiled*
Discourage* Merciless Sorts


6. Words also found in the Wycliffite Versions
i. Words found in W¹
Feared Guts Origen 
Gridiron Meekedest Wiselier
ii. Words found in W²
Bewept Ixion Mette Sparkle
Conjure Maidenhead Prisoned Unshoed
iii. Words found in both versions
Achat Mandragoras Postern Whorehouse
Arses Nightcrow Smaragdus Withoutforth
Byss Pear Softness
Cauldrons Pisser Stellio
Jay Plenteously Strengthed

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